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Viajar por Escocia is a Registered Scottish Partnership. Its name is in Spanish and means “Travelling around Scotland”.

Once your reservation has been confirmed by Viajar por Escocia the contract will be subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. Reservation and Acceptance

1.1 The reservation of a place will not be confirmed until the full price of the trip or service required has been received.

1.2 Once payment has been made Viajar por Escocia will complete your reservation.  The contract will consist of two parties; the client and Viajar por Escocia.  The contract will be established upon the confirmation of the reservation, intimated by Viajar por Escocia to the client or the agent on behalf of the client.
2. Travel Insurance

2.1 Travel insurance is not included on the price.
2.2 Viajar por Escocia strongly recommends that the client takes out comprehensive travel insurance for any eventualities that may occur.  Covering for example: cancelations, medical expenses, personal injury, insurance over belongings, currency, luggage and legal liability before the journey.  Viajar por Escocia reserves the right to terminate the contract if the client does not have the adequate travel insurance cover.  Viajar por Escocia cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to luggage or other personal belongings nor can it accept responsibility for any acts or omissions of any third party.
3. Cancelations

3.1 Charges will be payable in order to cover the administration costs of the reservation and subsequent cancelation.  This charge is a minimum of 25% of the total cost of the service paid for. The cancelation of the reservation should be made in writing, communicated to Viajar por Escocia.
The charge payable upon cancellation depends on the date the booking has been cancelled:
Up to 7 days before departure…………….. 75% of total price refunded.
Up to 3 days before departure………………50% of total price refunded
Less than 3 days before departure …………No refund of total price

3.2 For tailored or private services, not specified in the web page or the leaflets, special terms and conditions will apply that will be communicated upon reservation.
3.3. Should the reasons behind the client’s cancelation be covered by the client’s insurance, the claim should be made through the insurance policy and not Viajar por Escocia.
3.4 If following a reservation the client has to change their departure date or wishes to change to a different tour provided by Viajar por Escocia, a 7 day notice is required.  The modification to the reservation can be changed without any administrative costs if it is communicated within 7 days notice before departure.  Should changes be made after the 7 day period, there will be a payable charge of £20 to cover administration costs.  Changes to departure date will only be accepted if they are within three months of the original departure date.
4. Tickets

4.1 The ticket for the trip is only valid for three months after the day of departure.
4.2 The ticket can only be used for the person who originally bought it.  Under no circumstances will another person be able to use the ticket.  The ticket, passport or national identity card should be available for inspection by the representatives of Viajar por Escocia if they should require.
5. Reservations

Once the client has received the documentation and the required information regarding their journey it is the client’s responsibility to check the dates and requirements of their tour, trip or other contracted service.
6. Changes and Modifications

6.1 The prices displayed on this website/leaflet reflect the costs and exchange rates of January 2010. Changes to price will not be made once full payment for a reservation has been made. However, a supplementary charge will be payable if the following circumstances arise:
Increase in transport costs: including fuel costs, tolls or governmental taxes- a supplementary charge will be payable if the increase is more than 2% of the total cost of the trip.
6.2 Any increase in price will be communicated to our agents and; leaflets, adverts and websites will be modified as soon as possible to accommodate the changes.  Viajar por Escocia assures that it will keep all its promotional material up to date with any changes of price.
6.3 Viajar por Escocia reserves the right to increase the prices for any of the trips or visits.  The final prices will always be confirmed before the client makes the reservation.
6.4 Viajar por Escocia reserves the right to modify or cancel any of its touristic products, either entirely or partly.  In case of any cancelation of tours or trips, a product of equal cost will be substituted or at our discretion, the affected clients will be reimbursed with a full or partial refund of the initial price.
6.5 If a part of the country is rendered inaccessible due to circumstances out with our control, the client will have the right for a refund if a route or visit cannot be done.  The amount of the refund will be calculated according to the time the journey has taken and what has been left to be completed.
6.6 Viajar por Escocia reserves the right to change the model or capacity of a vehicle used in any of our trips and tours and at any time.
7. During your stay

7.1 It is the client’s obligation to respect and obey the laws and regulations of the country of visit, including border control and currency restrictions. Should a client disobey these obligations, the representatives of Viajar por Escocia have the right to terminate the client’s rights under the contract without any reimbursement.
7.2 Viajar por Escocia reserves the right to expel any passenger at any moment due to reasons such as: conduct, behaviour, medical state or other serious reasons which, according to the representative’s judgment causes a risk of danger, annoyance and safety to other passengers or disruption to the tour.
7.3 It is the client’s responsibility to be at the designated place and time of departure.  Given the nature of our services, Viajar por Escocia will not accept responsibility in any case of a passenger who arrives late or misses a connection or trip.  Viajar por Escocia promises to do all they can to ensure that the arrival and departure times are maintained promptly.
8. Responsibilities

8.1 Viajar por Escocia’s programme has been designed for independent travellers who are over the age of 16.  Please keep this in mind when making a reservation.
8.2 Viajar por Escocia, in certain exceptional circumstances can accept a minor. However, they should have an accompanying adult.
8.3 Any illness or medical condition that requires attention or treatment should be communicated in writing when making a reservation.
8.4 The client is responsible for adhering to the rules and requirements of their journey.  The client is also responsible to pay any extra cost that might be incurred during their stay.  These responsibilities extend from the beginning to the end of their trip or tour with Viajar por Escocia.

8.5 It is the client’s responsibility to have a Passport or National Identity Card to comply with all the applicable laws.

8.6 The client should accept to be photographed or filmed by the representatives while they are a passenger of a tour or trip and this material can be used for our publicity purposes without payment or requiring the passenger’s consent.
8.7 Should you require to make a complaint about Viajar por Escocia, you should inform the representative as soon as possible.  If the matter cannot be resolved upon intimation, you should make the complaint, in writing, within 28 days of your stay.  Any complaint received later than this will not be addressed.
8.8. The contract of service and all questions regarding application are resolved under Scots Law unless otherwise stated.
8.9 If any clause of this contract is not valid or applicable in a court with competence and jurisdiction, the clause will be invalidated to ensure compliance with the law.  The legitimacy and application of the other clauses will not be affected.
8.10 In the case of a court action against Viajar por Escocia, the client will be liable for all costs.

8.11 The client accepts that Viajar por Escocia can use any text written in our comments books, web page etc. for publicity material without consent.
9. Weather Conditions

9.1 Viajar por Escocia does not accept responsibility for modifications or cancellations due to severe weather conditions.  If this be the case, the supervisor will be obliged to modify the itinerary or suspend the trip and we will not be able to reimburse the clients.  The business does not accept responsibility in fortuitous cases or any act out with our control and not known before or during the tour which causes an obstacle to the prolongation, delay or abandonment of the tour.  Viajar por Escocia does not have an obligation to compensate when the minimum number of people required for the tour is not reached.  Should this happen, the agency should communicate, in writing, to the client or agent before the date given in the leaflet or contract.  The agency, Viajar por Escocia should make the consumer aware of the cancelation with a minimum of ten days notice before departure.  These are unforeseen circumstances out with our control and the consequences are inevitable despite having acted with the utmost diligence.
10. No smoking rule

10.1. Smoking is prohibited in all Viajar por Escocia vehicles at all times.
11. General

11.1. Contracting parties
11.1.1 The conditions of reservation detailed here form the full contract between the client and Viajar por Escocia. No representation, guarantee or condition can be expressly or impliedly interpreted from any other written document, advert or conversation.  This contract can only be modified in writing by the Partners of Viajar por Escocia.
11.1.2 Your contract is with the business which operates (detailed in 11.3) at the discretion of Viajar por Escocia.  We reserve the right to use third parties and other service providers to fulfil the contract, this sub-contract will adhere to the same terms and conditions.  Should we require to use the services of another party this will be communicated to you in writing.
11.1.3 Viajar por Escocia does not accept responsibility for any other party not subject to this contract; for example airline companies and other service providers. Those contracts are separate and subject to different terms and conditions.  The client should be aware that some of your contracts during your stay may limit or exclude liability in the case of death, injuries, delays, loss or damage to personal belongings and luggage.  Viajar por Escocia cannot accept responsibility for acts or omissions resulting in any loss.  We will assist you (within reason) to help you solve any problems with third parties you might have.
11.1.4 The obligations and responsibilities detailed on this leaflet/website are independent of those imposed by the providers of accommodation.  The obligations and responsibilities are subject to terms and conditions that might be imposed by the accommodation provider. As such, the contract will be made separately between the client and accommodation provider and are independent of Viajar por Escocia, despite any help or advice we have contributed to the conclusion of the agreement.

11.1.5 Viajar por Escocia does not limit efforts to guarantee precision of its leaflets and the facts displayed on them.  However, we do not accept responsibility of any printing errors or mistakes that arise due to unforeseen circumstances.
11.2. Validity
11.2.1. The tours and trips advertised in the leaflets/Webpage are valid until they are substituted or changed.  Viajar por Escocia reserves the right to change the prices, itineraries and the routes at any point.  These changes will be communicated to the client before the contract is made.
11.3. Viajar por Escocia
All the trips and tours are organised by:
3 Old Fishmarket Place
12. Validity of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions replace and revoke previous terms and conditions.  The present terms and conditions are valid for all reservations made on or after the 1st of March 2010 until revocation or substitution.


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